COVID-19 Safety

The Shed re-opened on Monday 22 June 2020. To minimise the COVID-19 infection risk to our members, we have to restrict the number of attendees on any particular day in any given area. The Shed Committee has put together a range of measures to limit exposure to transmission of the virus and comply with Government guidelines.

You will be required to agree, and to adhere, to the COVID-19 Safety procedures  by signing a form when you attend the Shed. The full procedures can be found here. Please read them carefully to ensure you understand them before signing your agreement on arrival at the Shed.

The main safety procedure points are:
    - Your responsibilities
    - Arrival procedures
    - Layout and use of the areas of the shed
    - Cleaning throughout the day   
    - Use of kitchens and other common areas  
    - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    - Facemasks are to be worn at all time in the Shed

On arrival you also need to sign the attendance sheet at the door for record tracing, and show your own Personal Protection Equipment. If you do not have your own PPE then you can purchase the Shed package for eye, hearing and respiratory protection. The cost is $20 cash, please bring the exact amount. We may not have the full kit available on the first few days and outstanding items will be supplied later.

The COVIDSafe app and the flu shot are encouraged but not compulsory.

In order to ensure that the numbers permitted to use a specific areas are not exceeded, Members with a current Name Badge only, should book online with Eventbrite, simply connect to:

Choose the date and book a ticket for your selected area. You will then be advised by email if your booking has been accepted, within the limit for that area.

If the activity you want to engage in has a full complement, then you will be placed on the waiting list for that day.

Members are permitted to attend only once each week to ensure fair access for all, unless there are specific circumstances approved by the Committee.

Bookmark the Eventbrite webpage for future use.

People max              Work area                     
       10              Wood working benches 
        2               Wood turning 
        2               Box making
        2               Panel saw
        1               Framing and light craft
        1               Admin desk
        4               Light engineering
        1               Welding bay
        3               MPS room
        8               Lunchroom

Help guide to make a booking click here
Help guide to cancel a booking click here