Machinery and equipment - The Shed is well equipped with tools ranging from wood working hand tools, to table saws, bandsaws, thicknesser, wood lathes and the like. A separate area is equipped with a metal lathe, mill, metal cutting saw, grinders, MIG welding set, plasma cutter and Oxy Acetylene set.

Safety at the Shed is paramount for the shedders and their guests. Members who want to use any of the equipment need to undergo instruction on that particular type of machine before they can be accredited to use it.
See also the COVID-19 Safety procedures.

Learning - An analogy of gaining a vehicle driver’s license may help explain the Accreditation process. You cannot legally drive a vehicle on public roads unless accompanied by a licensed driver. Whilst learning to drive, instruction occurs and eventually, a check of your driving ability. If satisfactory, you can obtain a license to drive unaccompanied.

Accreditation - Our system of accreditation is a “work in progress”, i.e. documentation on specifics of some of our equipment is still under development.
Assistance from the coordinators, to attain accreditation, is readily available to help members learn to use the machines, learning new skills and with their project work. You can use the equipment under direction from a Coordinator until you are accredited.

Contact the Shed to get access to the Accreditation Documents.